My Mother with one
of Kathy Millers
quarter horse mares.
Welcome to the online home of Ironstone Amstaffs.
Where we live for our dogs not off of them.
At Ironstone AmStaffs we stand by the old saying, form follows function.

I believe that a true amstaff should resemble the job they were bred to do.
(Please visit our About The Amstaff page for the AKC & UKC written standards and general description).
I pride myself on the fact that we do not breed a lot of litters every year but instead  produce QUALITY
American Staffordshire Terriers with proper temperaments.
Every breeding is well thought out and planned.

My involvement in Am Staffs started in 1997 when I began a co-ownership of Isabelle, AKA AKC CH Wood
Forest EZ Bluessence CGC, with a long time family friend, Debra Hubbenette of Bluessence Kennel. Debra
was my first mentor in the breed and she taught me how to handle Am Staffs in the conformation ring. I began
showing Isabelle to her AKC conformation Championship as well as Junior showmanship.
The rest is history!!
I bred my first litter of Am Staffs in 2001 and since then I have only bred 6 litters of puppies.


My family has always been involved in the animal world, whether training or showing. My Great Grandfather
Phillips was a thoroughbred horse breeding manager and later on a trainer of thoroughbred racehorses for
several top stables in California at that time, namely Harry Warner of Warner Bros, and Mr. and Mrs. George
Ring, and Mr. Fred Zahotti. This was around the late 1940's

Grandpa Ruggeri was a Jockey in the 1950's and 60's and then Later on a "starting gate official" for
thoroughbred racing in Northern California.
My Great Great Grandfather Glick bred beagles for Hunting in the 1920's.

My Mother Renee , her sister Sherry, and brothers Kelly and Johnny, all competed in 4H showing their Cattle,
Pigs, and Sheep.

I have had the pleasure of being mentored by friends who are the best in their individual breeds.

Kathy Miller of Sandy Oak Chesapeakes was and still is my best friend and mentor, she has known me my
whole life and it was a natural thing for me to start to show her dogs. My mother had shown Kathy's Quarter
horses in halter classes about 20 years previous to this and it was such an honor for me to be able to show her
dogs. Kathy taught me how to ride horses and I spent almost every waking moment at her house when I was at
my grandmothers for school breaks. Kathy has taught me a lot about training and handling and if wasn't for
Kathy I might not be where I am today.

I have had the honor to mentor under my best friend and other mom, Tracy Olson ( Cabaret Beagles) my
friend Marj Brooks ( Manorie Dobermans)  Mike Stone and Alisa Syar (Silverice Alaskan Malamutes), and a
few others. I would like to take this opportunity to thank these people for all their time and knowledge that
they have given me.

All of this time and effort has been taken to help promote myself and my dogs. I have had several top winning
dogs that I have owned, bred, or handled for other people.

My Goal for the future of Ironstone Am Staffs is to have,
first and foremost, temper-mentally and structurally sound, Am Staffs who not only possess intellect but who
are also  gorgeous magnificent looking dogs.

The time spent in the last 19 years of studying and researching the history of this breed as well as pedigrees
and pictures of all the dogs going back as far as I could, has helped me to develope in my opinion of what I
believe a proper amstaff should look and behave like. I believe that I have an eye for proper structure and how
well a dog is put together. I hope I can continue to breed top quality American Staffordshire Terriers for years
to come.

A young Catherine
with my uncles
Smooth Fox Terrier